Ducks and Flowers

Chester and I found one pair of Mallard Ducks on our walk along the Red River Saturday morning.  There were also a lot of rowers on the river.  After that we took a couple more pictures of the garden as it is growing.  You saw my main (well, really my only) problem yesterday with the Red Lily Bugs moving in.  Other than mosquitoes, I seldom kill any bugs – but if its a choice between the bug and my lilies, I’ll get rid of the bug.  A few bites here and there would have been ok.

Rowers May 5

Rowers May 5 with 1 Gull high above them

Rowers May 5

Rowers May 5

Mallards May 5

Mallards May 5

Tulip May 5

Tulip May 5 – opening soon

Plum Tree Blooms May 5

Plum Tree Blooms May 5

Good thing I took this plum tree flower as we were heading out for the walk instead of waiting until we returned.  Blue sky here now, but when we got back, it was all cloudy.

So far on Africam today, we have seen Salome, the cheetah mom with her 3 adorable little cubs, Leopard, Impala, Kudu, Elephant, Nyala, Wildebeest and Grey Heron.  Click here to see all of today’s pictures.  Check out the cams while you’re there – you never know what might wander into sight.

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Hi - I'm Mavis Metcalf. I live in Winnipeg, MB, Canada with my Irish Setter, Chester and my African Grey Parrot, Jewel. I love to travel and I love to take pictures.
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  1. We had a visiting duck show up recently, but there’s some debate about the gender. Could you look my post and tell me your opinion?

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