Hello world!

Hello everyone.  This is my first attempt at blogging, so I guess I’d better introduce myself.  My name is Mavis Metcalf (aka mavimet).  I live with my 2 dogs (Dakota and Chester) and my African Grey Parrot (Jewel) in a little house in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I am editor of the birds site at bellaonline.com – http://birds.bellonline.com

Each week I put a new article up at the site and I will provide links to them from here.  I will also talk about all my pets as well as my days in general.

For instance – today my friend Connie and I went to the zoo!  I saw our old, old polar bear, who is the oldest known bear (in captifity anyway) – but she hasn’t been feeling well for awhile.   It was nice to see her though.

The Winnipeg Zoo has improved vastly over the years – but one thing that still needs to be improved is the cages for the big cats.  They NEED more space!  The cages are much better than they used to be way back when I was a kid – but they are still not big enough for these beautiful animals.

The peacocks are free to go anywhere at the zoo and a few of the males surprised me by displaying their beautiful tails.  I thought they would only do that in the spring when they were trying to attract a mate, but its too late to mate now – although the displays were obviously for the girls!

Peacock displaying to his girl.
Peacock displaying to his girl.

It was a nice day to be at the zoo on my day off work.  After wandering around and around for a couple of hours, we went over to the Conservatory for lunch.

Anyway – that was my day.  Tomorrow I have to clean the eavestroughs and cut the grass.