Another Busy Day

I started the day with a good workout at the Y’s brand new & wonderful fitness center.  This was immediately followed by a “not so healthy” but “oh so good” big breakfast.

Once I got home, the dogs were ready for a walk, so we got the walk in before it got too warm.  Even on leash, Chester gets twice (at least) the mileage that Dakota and I do because he goes side to side constantly as we go forward.  If I wasn’t holding on to both the leashes and thereby using both my hands, I’d try to take a video.

Then I sat down to get my article ready to go online first thing tomorrow morning.  You can have a peak at it at if you are interested.  I was watching some of the olympics while I was getting the article ready.  I would love to see that Jamacian guy (can’t remember his name), run for the whole race and see how fast he can really go.  I can’t believe he stops running once he knows he has the race won.

Then I headed out to get my grocery shopping done.   Tomorrow its back to work – followed by Pirates of the North Saskatchewan at Celebrations Dinner Theatre.