Its a Dog Day

Today is pretty much devoted to Dakota and Chester.    🙂

After my workout at the Y and breakfast at the Red Top, the dogs and I plowed through the fresh snow and went for a walk.  The temperature is so much better than it has been for the last week so we had a nice walk.

After the walk, it was time for their Christmas bath.  They do not have baths often and Chester really doesn’t like them.  Dakota loves anything to do with water, so she isn’t a problem at all.  Last year I bought a booster bath for them and it certainly does make it easier.  I didn’t take pictures of it today, but here are a couple that I took when I first got it and was bribing them to hop up with treats.


Chester didn’t buy into that idea quickly, but he did get up and he did get treats – I just didn’t get any pictures of him in it, but this way you can see the bath.

dakotabathDakota hopped right up and sat down nice & comfortably.   Of course, she likes treats even more than she likes baths, so she got a couple of treats too.

Chester went first today.  He got lots of treats for getting up and then another treat when I got him tied in with the harness, a couple of treats after the water was finished and before the toweling off started and then a couple more when we were finished completely.   Then it was Dakota’s turn and she gave no problem at all (as expected), and she got her treats too.  Even though she likes it, I still attached the clip to her collar too.

I am going to let them dry and then it is nail time.

Oh – now for the continuing story of my seed paper from Nabob.  The soil is finally thawed out and I am planting two of the seed papers as I type this.  🙂   OK – so I stopped typing long enough to plant them.

Seed Paper
Seed Paper

Here is a closeup of the paper.  I’ve never used a seed paper before.

Ready for planting
Ready for planting

Two cards in the pot and ready to be covered up.


Just a little more dirt to put on them and they are ready to start growing.  I will probably not bore you too much with them until they start to grow now.   🙂

OK – now its time to get working on the dogs nails, and then I’d better get my article up for Birds at BellaOnline

Wow – I can’t believe that its almost Christmas – that really snuck up on me this year.

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