Wonky/Skewy The Elephant

I woke up to sad news this morning that the elephant known as Wonky or Skewy has died.  He was well known at both Wild Earth and Africam, but really seemed to have a bond with Pieter from Wild Earth.

I recently found out that Wonky had his own facebook page and immediately joined as a fan. Since I do not have a picture of him myself, I am putting a link to one taken by Pieter in the hopes that you can see it with or without a facebook account yourself.


He was one of a kind – obviously had a hard life with one tusk turned the wrong way and spiraling down and one deformed rear leg. No one has any idea what caused these problems for him, but they say it must have happened when he was young. It was estimated that he was in his mid thirties.

When found, Wonky’s body had injuries that suggested he may have been in a fight with another male elephant.

Pieter took us on the drive at Wild Earth this morning (afternoon in Africa) and talked quite a bit about his friend Wonky.

Morris, from the Africam group put a video up at youtube showing Skewy’s last visit to Nkorho waterhole.  You can see it at Skewy.

Rest in peace Wonky.