January 4th

Today is a very nice winter day here.  It is -16C as I am writing this.  If winter was always like this, I would not mind it at all.  Its that -30’s stuff that I don’t like, especially with a wind.  The dogs and I had our usual morning walk along the Red River.  We didn’t see any wildlife, but we did see that someone has plowed a skating rink.  I guess someone who lives right along the river needs a hockey rink of their own.  It looks good.

skating rink
skating ring

Well, I had another computer crash on New Years Day.  This time I couldn’t get it back up and the diagnostics indicated no drive was installed.   Best Buy was closed, so i had to wait until the 2nd to take it back, since it is still under warranty.  Just before going, I decided to try it one more time and it started, but the diagnostics said the drive was corrupted, so we took our trip to Best Buy to see the Geek Squad.  They will replace the hard drive, but did not have any in stock, so I now have to wait for a couple of weeks.

I had bought a wireless router, so I could use my netbook at home, but had not installed it yet and with just a netbook in the house, I do not have a CD drive to get the directions.  I called Linksys and they took over my baby laptop and had it all up and working very quickly.  So, I am now learning to type on the tiny keyboard.  All I have used the netbook for is just to play on facebook during my lunchtime at work, but it is getting easier to use all the time.    The small monitor makes it impossible to take my tweet shift at Africam though.  There simply isn’t room for 2 cams and the Boma chat at the same time.

Between Christmas and New Years, I was switching phone/internet/cable companies.  As I expected they might, MTS cut me off earlier than they indicated – but only 1 day, so I survived without the services from the night of December 26th until the late morning of December 28 when Shaw arrived.

Then, even though they had obviously had 30 days notice to cancel MTS, I received a bill in the mail for another full month.  I expected a partial bill to cover the services until the 26th or 27th, but but this bill covers me until mid January.  So, I phoned them today to get them to update the bill and was told that I would have to pay for 30 days past the stop date.  I’m pretty sure I had a new girl, so I patiently explained to her that they already had 30 days notice.  I also explained that I wanted the bill adjusted to remove the additional charge for the 2nd IP address that I had now tried to have removed for the last 3 months.  I was on hold more than I actually talked to her as she must have been going to someone for advice.  Finally, she said she was going to transfer me to a supervisor – which sounded good to me, since then I would likely get someone who could read the record and figure out how to adjust the bill.  Then, she finally came back on herself and agreed with everything I said and told me that a new adjusted bill would be sent out to me.  She said they would be taking the charges for the IP address back to when I made my first call and that the entire bill would be adjusted to end on the 26th.  I have a hard time believing that they will finally get this right – but I’ll have to wait to see what is on the adjusted bill.  Of course – that bill will arrive too late for me to make the payment on time, so it will be a past overdue bill!

Of course, Shaw did not make the change seamlessly either this time.  The installer forgot or someone forgot to tell the him to set up one of the television services – so he (or another installer) will be back again this  Friday to clear that up.  Because that work order is outstanding, they are unable to initialize voicemail on my phone, although there is a note for them to do it.  I hope the Geek Squad calls me when I’m home.

The house next door now has another variance sign on it indicated they want to build a triplex instead of a duplex!  I’m now wondering if this is a sneaky way of getting tot he 4-plex that the others owners were going for – just one step (or plex) at a time.   The notice about the duplex was huge and this notice is just a tiny one on the door.

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