January 16th

Here I was thinking that this would be the winter when it didn’t really get cold – but it was cold today.  Not below -30C, but getting very close to it.  The temperature climbed all day and the snow started coming down again so at 7pm it is -15 C with a wind that makes it feel -26C.  -15C without a wind would be quite pleasant.

I have some videos on You Tube .  It is pretty much all my dogs and my birds.  One of the videos that features two male Zebra Finch playing with a feather has somehow managed to get a lot of attention.  Several months ago You Tube asked me to be a partner to get ads up on my page so we could share the profits.  I ignored the message and continued on.  Later on, I noticed that this video had thousands of views  compared to the few on my other videos.  I mentioned at work how funny it was to have over 30,000 views on one video and under 100 on most of the other ones as well as mentioned the message from You Tube wanting to partner on ads.

One of my co-workers – Gordie, immediately jumped on this and told me that very few people are invited to be a partner on ads and that I had to find that email message and act on it.  I finally agreed and Gordie immediately became my manager.  🙂   When I make my first million, he will receive $40. (or something like that)  LOL  or maybe it was $400.00.

Looking at the report today, it looks like I am averaging to make a little over  $1.00 per month.  For instance today I made $0.02 for a total earnings of $12.45 in the time since I accepted, which I think is about 9  months ago.  OK – so get out your calculators to figure out how long it will take to make that million dollars.  😉

Anyway – its fun and it doesn’t hurt anything.  The views have gone up to over 42,000 now and still appear to be climbing.  This video is only 10 seconds long, but it really is kind of cute watching the little birds play. I took this video in my basement flight where I had several other birds at the time.  The flight was large enough that I could walk in and be with the birds as they flew and played.

If you are interested in watching this and /or any of my other videos, you can find them here.

Zebra Finches originate from Australia – which is another place I would love to visit one day.

Picture of the day is from Nkorho on Africam when a hippo came to have a snooze in the water today.  Behind the hippo on the bank is a Water  Dikkop  who enjoyed eating a frog while we watched.

Hippo and Water Dikkop at NK
Hippo and Water Dikkop at NK

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  1. How about this Mavis? Once you get your $100 minimum for the payout, you can order pizza or something one day at work and share with me. We will do this every time it reaches $100, and you can keep the rest.

    Seems ok? 😀


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