Nothing to Say

Well – it warmed up today.  I woke up to a temperature of -25C and NO WIND  🙂

Chester and I hadn’t had a walk the last couple of days when it was in the mid -30’s  and he wouldn’t even stay outside longer than he absolutely had to.

So – what do you write about when you have nothing to say?  I talk about the weather and Africam every day and I’ve already talked about the weather – LOL  Guess that leaves Africam.  Its hard to top the big 5 day from yesterday though.

Elephants at TE
Elephants at TE

There was this nice elephant meeting under a tree at Tembe in the early afternoon in Africa today.  Not sure what they were discussing – but possibly the weather  🙂

I guess I could talk about my little video with Zebra Finches at You Tube that is going to make me a million dollars (minus Gordie’s share, of course).  It is now up to $12.62.

Maybe we’ll just have to see if I have anything to talk about tomorrow.  See you then.