It warmed up today!  Instead of that nasty -40C stuff from the last few days (my days off, of course), it is a reasonable -12C with a windchill of -19C.   I sure hope those bitter cold days are gone until next winter now. So – I got up early for my early shift at work,… Continue reading Yippee!

Another Friday

I woke up to the radio announcer saying that it was -41C with the wind chill.  How is that possible?  That’s just too cold!  😦  The actual temperature was -30C – but the wind can sure make a difference when it’s that cold. But – I had an appointment for a mammogram this morning, so… Continue reading Another Friday

After the Blood Test

I hope I didn’t give anyone the impression that I was worried about the actual blood test today.  It was more going without eating or drinking for 12 hours that had me worried – LOL Chester and I had our walk this morning – but the sun rose without doing anything except rising.  There were… Continue reading After the Blood Test

The Blood Test

The dreaded blood test is set for tomorrow morning.  I have to fast from now until after the test in 12 hours.  Luckily I will be sleeping for several of those hours, but the last 2 before the test will be a challenge. I’ll give a report on the whole episode tomorrow – I am… Continue reading The Blood Test

A Million Dollars – Tax Free

A Million Dollars – Tax Free!  What a thought  🙂 That is the question of the day from Word Press – What would you do with a million dollars, tax free? In Canada winnings are tax free – its the interest earned on the money that I would have to pay taxes on. This is… Continue reading A Million Dollars – Tax Free

The Best Road Trip

Most if the trips I have taken have been road trips – but I guess the best one was the longest one.  The question from word press today was: Describe the best road trip you’ve ever taken. Bonus: If you’re feeling all glass half empty, the worst road trip. Or describe a road trip you’d… Continue reading The Best Road Trip

Just a Little Rant

Do you remember the good old days when the mail was always delivered (you know – through rain or snow, etc).  Well, as you may know, we get a lot of snow here in the winter.  I know they won’t deliver if my sidewalk isn’t clear, so I keep that clean, even though I do… Continue reading Just a Little Rant

Crow on the Snowbank

Chester and I had our walk along the Red River this morning and Chester spotted a crow on one of the snowbanks.  It was hard taking a picture of the crow, since Chester wanted to go after him – birds are meant to be chased, aren’t they?  But he was far enough away that he… Continue reading Crow on the Snowbank


Age is kind of a funny thing.  Now that I am getting close to being an official senior citizen, people seem to think that I am smarter than when I wasn’t close to being a senior citizen.  I get asked questions and I know the answer – the thing is that I knew the answer… Continue reading Age

Previous Trip of a Lifetime

Now for my previous trip of a lifetime, two friends (Alvina and Karen) and myself flew from Winnipeg to Amsterdam, where we picked up a rented car with a tent, sleeping bags and air mattresses. We spent the first couple of nights in an old hotel right on one of the canals, and found out… Continue reading Previous Trip of a Lifetime