Monday, Monday

Here we are – Monday has arrived again.  Funny how we have a Monday every week  🙂

We started off my day at -22C and by the time Chester and I left for our walk it was -21C with no wind.  Now thats not bad.  🙂   Well – it wouldn’t have been too bad, except that there really was a wind – I felt it as soon as I left the yard and by the time we got home, my desktop weather indicated a wind chill of -30C.  Oh well – we both needed the fresh air anyway.  High is supposed to be -18C and a low of -25C for tonight.

Things have started to slow down a bit at work now that January is over and done with for another year.  It will never be quiet there – its too big a place now – but it is more under control and we should be able to catch up on some of the things that we let slide while dealing with lineups at the counter.  Membership is probably still growing – apparently we hit our peak around the end of March last year, so we’ll see how high it goes by then this year.

We had another great day of sightings on the cams at Africam today.  We saw elephants, jackals, zebras, nyala, impalas, waterbuck, baboons and so much more.  🙂   You can see all of today’s pictures here.