Just a Little Rant

Do you remember the good old days when the mail was always delivered (you know – through rain or snow, etc).  Well, as you may know, we get a lot of snow here in the winter.  I know they won’t deliver if my sidewalk isn’t clear, so I keep that clean, even though I do not use the front door myself.  The one thing I do not do though is to clear it all the way to the street.  When the plows clean the street, they dump 6 foot piles of ice and packed snow along the boulevard in between the sidewalk and the street.  I don’t have a shovel that will move that stuff as it becomes rock solid unless it is cleared within a 1/2 hour after it is deposited there.

So – apparently the mail carriers who deliver parcels from vehicles do not deliver if it is not cleared all the way to the street, even if my house is the 2nd from the corner and it would only mean he had to walk an extra 50 feet (if he parked at the corner) to deliver it.  He can not deliver the card to tell you there is a parcel – so he returns to the post office and puts the card in the mail for the regular mail carrier who walks, to put the card in my mail box the next day.  I guess I will have to remember not to order any parcels between the end of November and the end of March from now on.

I have to balance out the rant with a good service story.  A couple of weeks ago I took my car to JB Transmission on St. Marys Road for an oil change.  This was the first time I had been to this place.  He found problems with transmission fluid leaks, which didn’t surprise me since I saw some spots under where the car had been parked when I returned after dropping it off there.  He gave me a written estimate for the repairs and placed the 3 items in order of most important, in case I could only afford to do one at a time.  A few days later, I decided I might as well get them all done at once and made an appointment for the next week.  The appointment day came and went and I completely forgot about it.    Two days later I returned home from work to a message from him wondering if something had happened.  I phoned him back first thing in the morning and apologized and asked when I could bring the car in.  He said I could bring it that day and my reply was that since I would have to leave in 10 minutes, I hopefully wouldn’t forget.  I did not forget  🙂 and I dropped the car off on the way to work.  I returned after work to pick it up and the actual price was a tiny bit lower than the estimate because the price of one of the parts went down.  It wasn’t a lot lower – but it didn’t end up costing me more.

The last garage I went to gave me an unwritten estimate for some work and then charged me quite a bit more when I had the work done (which is why I needed a new garage in the first place).  When I questioned him about it, he said the quote had only been for a portion of the work, but I had watched him figure it out and he phoned for the parts prices while I was in front of him and he told me how much the labour would be.   Since I didn’t have the quote in writing, there wasn’t much I could do about it.

I did it!!  I worked 6 days in a row this week and survived.  🙂   My reward is that I get a 3 day weekend (starting now) and then I only work 3 days next week.

After my exercise class at the Y this morning, I will be eating breakfast at the Red Top Restaurant and then getting groceries (since I was working yesterday and couldn’t do my regular Friday morning shopping trip).  Then it will be time to walk the Chester dog along the Red River and get some quality time in front of the cams at Africam.  The last few mornings at Africam, we have been watching and listening to some baboons as they play with some of the equipment at Elephant Plains.  We watched them dangling one of the IR lights from its cord and listened as they played with  the mics.  It sounded like they were at both mics and maybe having a contest as to who could make the most noise.

Baboon at EP
Baboon at EP

Although this baboon looks very innocent here, he may be one of the ones responsible for the work done on the mics or lights at Elephant Plains.