Pete’s Pond

Pete’s Pond is a pond in Botswana, Africa.  A video camera was installed there by Pete LeRoux in 2005 and it was featured by National Geographic for several years.  I’m not sure when it was taken down – but it looks like National Geographic will no longer be hosting it.

Skip forward to the present and it seems that 2 companies are now interested in hosting Pete’s Pond – Africam and Wild Earth.

Both companies are talking to Pete – who will obviously have final say where the pond will be featured.  I am hoping the decision will be made quickly and that whichever company takes it over will have the cams up and running fairly soon after that.  I (of course) am rooting for Africam.  If  Wild Earth gets it, I probably won’t be watching it – they have way too many cameras now and are messing with 3D cams and their site is way too confusing to navigate.  I seldom manage to find the live cameras there and usually just get pre-recorded tapes.  With Africam – you go to their site – you click on the camera you want to watch and you go to the live camera – much simpler.

Africam has night lighting at all the waterholes – they are monitored day and night, with zoomies on duty pretty much all the time.   I do not believe that Pete’s Pond has a lodge there – so there would be no vehicles going  in and out and no people talking.   I think this would be a wonderful addition to Africam’s cams  🙂

hide at Pete's Pond
hide at Pete’s Pond

Click here to read a little more about Pete’s Pond.  This is the site where I found the above photo of the hide there.