Battery Woes

Thunderstorm with lots of rain last night.  The thunder was just rolling in when I went to bed and amazingly enough, I slept soundly the whole night.  When I first woke up I expected to find out that it had past without much rain or anything – but the huge puddles everywhere let me know… Continue reading Battery Woes

Flower Quest

On this rainy Monday morning, I decided to take a couple of pictures of the flower that is taking over my yard in case someone knows what it is.  Barry from Africam said he thought it was Birds Eyes and the flower looks much like the ones I can find online, but the leaf is… Continue reading Flower Quest

We Have Babies!

The first babies of the year in my little area have arrived.  A flock of baby Wood Ducklings greeted us as we approached the Red River this afternoon for our walk.  Chester watched them without the usual bouncing to try to go after them, which surprised me.  I doubt if he has finally accepted the… Continue reading We Have Babies!

Summer Weekend Weather

Its cold, cloudy and raining today – it must be Friday. Of course, Friday is the day I cut my grass – so I cut it anyway.  I started earlier than I normally would and got about 1/2 of it done before the rain got me.  Before starting, I was tinkering with the lawn mower. … Continue reading Summer Weekend Weather

Sunshine Walk

This morning Chester and I had our walking along the Red River in beautiful sunshine.  The temperature was 3C when we started and is now 10C so its looking like another nice day.  I just wish it would stop getting so cold overnight though. I got a picture of a Mallard Duck who was completely… Continue reading Sunshine Walk

Red River May 25

Lovely – I woke up to a temperature of zero this morning with a wind chill of -4C!!!  This is almost the end of May and now past the May long weekend which is when it is supposed to be safe to put delicate plants outside for the summer.  By the time I got home… Continue reading Red River May 25

May 24 River Walk and Men with Trowels

What a chilly morning – it was 4C when Chester and I took our walk!   brrrrr  I had to turn the heat on in the house.  Normally May and June are pretty much free months as no heating and no air conditioning are necessary but it was way too chilly in here to leave it… Continue reading May 24 River Walk and Men with Trowels