Job Interview

Once in awhile I decide to use a topic sent out daily by Word Press  in case we run out of things to talk about.  I didn’t really run out of things to talk about, but I liked this one.

Today’s one is “Describe your first job interview.

Now – there is no way I can remember my first job interview or even most of the ones after that – but I remember my last one so that’s the one I will use.

This was about 10 1/2 years ago, when I was working part time with the Provincial Government, but needed full time to survive.  I saw a small ad in the paper for the Y and dropped off my resume.

A couple of weeks later, I received a phone call from the Y on a Sunday.  I talked to Lynn for several minutes and pretty much had the interview over the phone, but set a date for an in person interview about a week and a half later  ( Lynn would not be at work the next 2 days and I would be at my other job for the week after that).

On the day of my appointment, I showed up about 10 minutes early as I usually do, only to find out that Lynn had gone home for the day.  I’m sure my jaw dropped 6 inches, because I really thought the job was already mine after our phone conversation and the interview was just a formality.  The girl at the desk assured me that she would leave a message for Lynn for when she came in the next morning and that she would give me a call.

I didn’t wait for her to call me the next morning – I called her myself and spoke to Lynn.  She was very apologetic and asked me to come down right then if I could.  I did go down to see her a few minutes later and again, she apologized for not being there.   She had been doodling while we were talking on the phone and covered up the day and time so that she couldn’t read it, but thought we had agreed on another day.

Lynn and I talked a bit, she gave me a tour of the Y and then asked me what I thought.  My reply was that I thought she should feel so guilty about missing the interview that she should just hire me on the spot.  Lynn said “OK” and I was officially hired.  She worked the schedule around the days I worked at my other job and when I retired from the other job a few years I became full time at the Y.

Since I can’t post without a picture, I decided to pull one up from last year’s vacation to Banff/Jasper.

Athabasca Falls
Athabasca Falls

The temperature is 11C and Chester and I are now leaving for our walk.