Trip to Africa

I have made a decision that I am going to Africa and will be setting a date soon.

The price depends on when I go and whether it is single or double occupancy.  The planned date would be  August or September next year and at this time I don’t know if I will be traveling alone or not – but I AM going!  If enough people do join me, we can get a group rate – but not sure how many would be needed for that and how much of a discount it would be.

The itinerary includes some wonderful areas and would only be a part of what I will be doing.  Since the flight is not included in the tour price, I will either be going early and taking in the Sabi Sands area before the tour or staying later and heading for Sabi Sands.  Right now, I’m thinking that I will go early.  Anyone who comes along can make their own plans whether to be there longer or just take the days of the tour.

Although a year is a long way away, I have so much planning to do and will be stuffing every last penny into my savings account for this.  I know I won’t be able to save enough in a year – but my credit card will carry the balance unless I can win that lottery.  I’m just not going to wait until I save the money because there is always going to be something else to spend it on.

Like it or not, the next year you’ll be hearing my plans.  If you want to come along, you can join in on the planning.

On Africam today, we have seen giraffes, elephants, duikers, a slender mongoose, nyala, impala, zebras, jackals, baboons, hippos, waterbuck and more.    Click here to see today’s pictures.

Giraffe at Nkorho today
Giraffe at Nkorho today

Chester is doing fine  🙂