Trip Planning

Wow – I’m overwhelmed.  A trip to South Africa has to be planned well in advance and by starting to think about this with less than a year to plan, I hope I haven’t taken on too much.  I know I will be flying to Johannesburg since that is closest to Kruger and I know I will be flying home from Cape Town, since that is where the tour ends.

For two weeks, I will be looked after by the tour.  But I plan on leaving home earlier andthat is up in the air and where I have to make arrangements.

I am looking at so many places that it is mind boggling right now.  It will feel so good when everything is all booked though and then I can just dream of my trip until it happens.

Satara and Orpen are two of the places where Africam was originally set up and I really must visit them.  Nkorho is where I have watched for the last 5 years and I really must visit there, since I consider it home.  🙂  The lure of Elephant Plains is there too – but I will just stay in one of them.

Chester is still doing fine and is happy  🙂

Africam is where I spend most of my time when not at work (as you all know).  For today’s pictures – click here.

Here is a sample picture of an elephant that I just took now.

Elephant at Nkorho
Elephant at Nkorho