Back to the River

OK, we took a little break from the Red River pictures to go down memory lane with the dogs waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for me.   Now, its back to our walks along the constantly changing Red River. Right now the temperature is -3C  (windchill that feels like -9C)  and it is supposed to drop… Continue reading Back to the River


Kemo was a Dalmatian who was 6 years old when he came to live with us. His owner had been ill for some time – in and out of the hospital, and had finally passed away.  When she was in the hospital, Kemo had been left to his own devices most days.  Someone would come… Continue reading Kemo

Celebrations – Jump for Glee

My friend Connie and I went to Celebrations last night.  The show was Jump for Glee. It was a great show and we both enjoyed it thoroughly.  The songs and storyline were fun and entertaining. Of course we enjoy all the shows.  The actors and the servers all get into the act as do some… Continue reading Celebrations – Jump for Glee

Winter Wonderland

The temperature is still fairly warm (for this time of year), but we now have snow again.  It is -1C with a wind chill that feels like -6C now and the snow is still coming down.  I’m taking a break after walking Chester before going out with my shovel.  The snow is wet and heavy… Continue reading Winter Wonderland


Red was my first Irish Setter.  He arrived in my life at 4 months of age along with his brother Rusty, shortly after I married the first Bob.  The boys were born August 23rd, 1975 and Red was with me until just after Christmas in 1990.  He was by my side through 2 marriages and… Continue reading Red