I Spoke Too Soon

Guess I shouldn’t have said how much I was loving this weather yesterday.  We had freezing rain starting in the afternoon and that then turned into snow a little later.  It wasn’t much snow, so it just covers the ice so you can’t see it.  It took me several minutes to scrape the ice of my car windows when I left work last night and I’m sure I’ll have to scrape them again this morning.

I’ll be putting the spikes on my shoes when Chester and I have our walk this morning.  Right now the temperature is -8C with a wind chill that feels like -19C, but it is supposed to drop as the sun rises to -10C and they don’t give predictions on what the wind chill will be then.

The temperature is still pretty mild for this time of year – so that means its been cloudy for several days now.  Once we see the sun again, it will get colder.  The problem is that we’re used to seeing the sun, so several cloudy days in a row gets people depressed and unhappy.  We’re not expected to see much sun for the next several days at least though.

Chester is still doing ok on the increased meds.  I’m hoping this is what he needed, but am still taking it one day at a time again.

No pictures today – it was just too dark and cloudy when we walked yesterday and right now it is looking very similar for this morning’s walk.  We’re coming up to the shortest day of the year very soon and then the days will slowly increase in length again.  It will be nice to have some daylight showing when I’m not at work.

So far on Africam today we have seen Baboon, Warthog, African Black Duck, Terrapin, Wildebeest and babies, Zebra, Elephant and baby, Hadeda Ibis, Waterbuck, Impala, Woolly-necked Stork and Nyala.  Click here to see all of today’s pictures.