I finally got a couple of pictures of Pookie, the Lion Lop bunny.  She’s pretty cute – well, both bunnies are cute.  I do have a soft spot for bunnies, have spent a few years raising some, several years ago.  Actually, I have a soft spot for pretty much every critter.

Between Angela and I we had a basement full of critters for awhile.  I had the birds, bunnies and chinchillas and Angela had guinea pigs, hamsters (both dwarf and normal) and gerbils and they were all producing babies.  We had no problem finding homes for the babies and that helped pay for the expenses of keeping all those critters.

Anyway – back to Pookie.  I believe she is about 10 months old.  I will have to ask Angela and correct if necessary.  🙂

Pookie Dec 17
Pookie Dec 17
Pookie Dec 17
Pookie Dec 17

So far on Africam today, we have seen Lion,Elephant, Cape Turtle Dove, Impala, Nyala, Waterbuck, Woolly-necked Stork, Egyptian Goose (and Goslings), Wildebeest (and babies), Warthog, African Comb Ducks, Wildebeest, Hadeda Ibis, and some Hyaenas fighting.  Click here to see all of today’s pictures.

It should be nice when Chester and I head out for our walk this morning.  Right now it is -4C (windchill of -10C), but instead of dropping as the sun comes up, the temperature is supposed to go up to-1C.   I hope the wind doesn’t increase as well, but at -1C, that won’t affect the wind chill much.  We are supposed to get some snow in the afternoon.

It is one week until Christmas – are you ready?!?!?

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    1. Thanks Mary. She is a pretty bunny. The other one is too – will have to find out his name – LOL
      I’m hoping the next news on Chester will be good news – thanks for reading.


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