Winter Solstice

Today is December 21st – which is the shortest day of the year here – along with the longest night of the year.  Winter Solstice it is called.  The good news is that the days will now start to lengthen by a few seconds each day!  🙂

Of course, we don’t really notice the days getting longer until a certain time comes along and we all say – wow, this time in December, it was dark!  I know that I will notice it more in the morning.  I will be able to walk a little earlier  to walk in the daylight.  Right now it doesn’t matter much, since there has been absolutely nothing to take pictures of for weeks now.

Another point about December 21st is that it is only 4 days from Christmas.   and 10 days from the New Year’s Eve.  Time to party!

This has to be one of the warmer Decembers on record here.  They are predicting a high of 0C for Christmas day and -8C for New Year’s Day!  I’ve been saving on my hydro bill with not having to plug the car in at night.  🙂

I gave Chester his Christmas toys yesterday.  One toy was a total flop, since it wasn’t soft.  He loves the soft squeaky toys, but this one was a hard one with a soft cover.  He started chewing it right away and I had to take it away from him.  He likes the other one though and played with it just fine.  His soft toys last him a very long time – not sure why I got the hard one for him.

So far on Africam today we have seen Elephant, Terrapin, Hadeda Ibis, Wildebeest, Three-banded Plover, African Black Duck, Egyptian Geese, Nyala, Helmeted Guinea Fowl, Woodland Kingfisher, Wildebeest, Baboon, Common Duiker, Impala and Leopard.  Click here to see all of today’s pictures.

It is -5C with a wind chill of -11C as Chester and I get ready to go out for our walk this morning.