Bath Day

When you have a dog who hates baths – bath day is just one of the evils of life.  🙂  Chester hates baths.

A few years ago, I purchased a dog bath from Costco.  You can see it in this blog from 2008 when I first got it.  It is a wonderful bath – gets the dog up to my level, so I don’t have to bend down in a regular tub and has a tie down to keep squirming dogs in the tub.

The only problem is that the sprayer has to be attached onto a tap and the tap in the basement has the aerator stuck on it so I can’t get it off to attach the sprayer.  😦  One time I used the tub in the basement anyway and filled a pail with water (over and over again) and bathed him that way.  That was way too time consuming and I wasn’t sure if I rinsed him well enough underneath.  So, last time I decided to use the tub in the bathroom.  That was exhausting – trying to hold him in the tub with one hand while spraying him and shampooing him with the other.

This time I asked Angela to bring the dog tub upstairs so I could use it in the bathroom.  I planned on putting the back end with the drain into the tub and using the hand held shower there to bath him.  First problem was that it didn’t fit through the door to get it into the bathroom.  It was close, so I decided to remove the legs and see if it would go in that way – and it did!  🙂  I then had to put the legs back on while inside this tiny room.  I got that done and put the back end into the tub – done!

It seems that raised the back end so that the water wouldn’t flow out the drain – but I knew I could lift up the front end after we were finished and drain it that way.  Of course with the back end – which is where it is low for the dog to jump in – in the tub, I would have to carry Chester and put him in.  He is only about 50 lbs, so I did that and attached him in there.

The bath was a breeze with him raised and the nice shower head.  🙂

I dried the top 1/2 of him before getting him out of the tub, since he was up nice and high, but because the tub was slanted down in the front, there was a fair amount of water covering his feet and legs so I had to lift him out with very wet feet and legs.  I got those parts dried though and it was a very successful bath.  🙂

I lifted and drained the tub very easily and left it there to dry for awhile.

Later, I went back upstairs to clean up and decided to try to move the tub back out of the room by just removing the legs on one side of it to see if it would fit that way.  It did  🙂 so next time its only 2 legs to remove for in and then out of the room.

If you’ve been watching Nkorho on Africam, you will know that the lions left early this morning and the hyaenas, jackals and vultures moved in to clean up the carcass.  It was amazing to watch how they all swooped in at the same time.  Right now there are still vultures on it.  Click here to see all of today’s pictures, that includes the vultures, jackals, hyaenas, lions, hippo, impala, wildebeest and Hadeda Ibis.  Now we have to wait for other critters to start showing up at Nkorho again.

Right now, shortly before Chester and I walk along the Red River, the temperature is -9C with a wind chill of -18C.  It is supposed to get up to zero (0C) by this afternoon.  This is certainly not the normal Christmas time weather we are having this year – but I’m not complaining.

Speaking of Christmas – this is pretty much it.  It is Christmas eve morning now  and it is late afternoon in Africa now.

Best wishes to everyone for a safe and happy/merry/wonderful Christmas from my house to yours.  🙂