Post a Day 2011

In 2010, I normally posted about once a week – but it wasn’t unusual for me to miss a week or two once in awhile.   Then Word Press challenged all their bloggers to write either once a day or once a week.  I opted for the once a day, since I had been writing pretty much once a week already.

I certainly didn’t post every day.  There were some days that I just didn’t have anything to write about and although I have a little bit of time before work to write, its hard to come up with something from nothing.  The prompts from Word Press gave me a few topics on occasion, but I usually combined 3 or 4 of those topics into one blog – so 7 topics in a week only gave me 2 posts.

I could usually find enough to talk about in the spring, summer and fall – since there was almost always something to see on the Chester walks along the Red River.  It is much harder to find something to talk about in the winter though, since there is seldom much to see and just reporting that it’s cold gets very monotonous.

I don’t expect that much will change this year.  I will continue to write most days, but without the challenge to write every day it may not bother me to miss a day or 2 when I don’t have anything to say or any pictures to show.  I always have Africam to write about and as it gets closer to my trip to Africa I’m sure I will have things to say about that.  When I get back from Africa, there should be lots of days of blogs about my trip.

I will continue to write about my pets Chester and Jewel and may include my daughter’s pets again as well.

There isn’t much time left in 2011 now to catch up to my missed posts, so I will fall short of my goal – but not by too much.  Including this post, I have blogged 333 times in 2011.  I can still post 3 more times, or if I go crazy and post twice a day, 7 more times this year.  I’m not apt to post twice a day – so my grand total for the year should be 336.  I’m happy with that.

I have never considered myself a writer.  I like to write things down and sometimes I find that writing things will help me get past a problem or to get unhappy thoughts out of my head, since once I’ve put the thoughts into words, I can get past whatever was bothering me.

It surprises me that people actually read my blog, but a lot of traffic is random when they enter a search and end up on my page.  I don’t know anything about most of the people who read a post or 2 and then continue on.  If someone clicks ‘like’, I then know who they are and can go to their blog and like it as well.  If someone leaves a comment, I also know who they are, but most are just numbers that show up on my stats page and I can see which page they were on when they clicked the link to come to my blog.

The most views I’ve had in one day was 96 on March 10, 2011 and the lowest was – well zero and that has been one a few days, but mostly on the days I didn’t post.  All together, there have been 10,375 views since I started blogging in August, 2008 and I have 612 posts all together.

Thanks Word Press for providing this blog!

So far on Africam today we have seen Elephant, Woolly-necked Stork, Impala, Wildebeest, Hadeda Ibis, Waterbuck, Egyptian Goose, Black-backed Jackal, Hyaena, Zebra and Nyala.  Click here to see all of today’s pictures.

Chester and I will head out for our walk along the Red River in a few minutes and the temperature is now -9C with a wind chill of -18C.  It is supposed to go up to -3C by this afternoon.  We’ve had a bit of fresh snow over night so everything looks nice and white.

2 thoughts on “Post a Day 2011

  1. Hi Mavis,I for one hope that you keep up with your blog, I realy enjoy reading what you have to say (sorry that’s not not gramaticly correct). Heres to another year.


    1. Thanks Blue – I do plan on continuing – its pretty much a habit now, but won’t worry too much if I miss some days.
      I enjoy our conversations on the Boma, even though one of us has to leave soon after we start chatting.


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