Aphrodite – Day 2

We didn’t get to bed until 2:00 am, and breakfast time came very early.  I don’t remember if they gave a wake up call or how we knew we had to get up if we wanted to eat.  We had to pay for breakfast – but it was ‘all you could eat’ for just $1.00… Continue reading Aphrodite – Day 2

European Vacation – Venice to Aphrodite

We woke up wet this morning in the middle of a thunderstorm.  We had to pack up a wet tent again.  Once we were on the road, it didn’t take long to clear up and get hot again and we are on our way to Greece. The contract on the car rental did not allow… Continue reading European Vacation – Venice to Aphrodite

European Vacation – Venice – Day 2

We headed into Venice in the morning where we had to get into a long lineup to park the car.  We finally found a spot and the very helpful attended practically pushed us into it. As we were leaving the garage, we were approached for someone asking if we wanted to go on a gondola… Continue reading European Vacation – Venice – Day 2

European Vacation – Niederdorf to Venice

We had a good night’s sleep and after having breakfast we headed for Italy.  We heard so much about pickpockets and thieves in Italy that we were concerned, but continued on anyway – just a bit more cautious (which never hurts).  We made sure we would have all our travelers cheques in our pockets and… Continue reading European Vacation – Niederdorf to Venice


Chester made it 5 1/2 weeks since his last seizure, before he had one today.  This is the longest he has gone since this whole thing started in the middle of July last year.  I was not home, so don’t know how long it lasted, but it seems that the recovery time was fairly quick. … Continue reading Chester

European Vacation – Vienna to Niederdorf

This morning, we were among the hundreds of people packing up tents to leave Vienna.  It was still raining, so our tent was wet as we put it away.  I mention that I bid a fond farewell to the owner of the site, but I suspect that I was just waving towards the office as… Continue reading European Vacation – Vienna to Niederdorf

European Vacation – Vienna – Day 2

This morning we were awakened early by the sound of hundreds of tents being taken down and packed up.  By the looks of things when we poked our heads out of our tent, we may be the only ones staying here another night. We booked a tour of the city of Vienna and the bus… Continue reading European Vacation – Vienna – Day 2