European Vacation

I’ve been reading bits and pieces of my suddenly found travel diary from 1975 when I went to Europe with a couple of friends, Karen and Alvena.  For a little while, I will give some of the details of this trip.  I know I wrote an abbreviated version of this trip earlier, but now I can give a bit more of the details.

We left here May 31st and I made my first entry in the diary on June 1st after spending several hours on planes.  It looks like just 2 planes, but the first one (CP Air) stopped in both Toronto and Ottawa before we reached Montreal and changed over to a KLM flight to take us to Amsterdam.

The three of us ended up seated in different areas.  I sat next to Brian, who was a supervisor for KLM.  He had quite a bit to drink and bought one or two for me also.  I wouldn’t have had any drinks otherwise, and probably wouldn’t have had to use the barf bag if I hadn’t had those ones.

We arrived in Amsterdam around 7am and took a bus from the airport to town.  Karen had a cousin living in Amsterdam, so he told us which bus to take and where to get off in order to find our hotel.  The hotel was a 4 story building with a narrow winding staircase and our room was on the 3rd floor.

We were exhausted after losing a bunch of hours on the flight, but decided to wander around the area instead of going to bed and sleeping our first day away.

We went to Karen’s cousin’s place for dinner that night and met his family.  I can’t remember what we ate and didn’t write that in my diary.

I had pre-booked and paid for a rental car and tent a few weeks before we left, but soon discovered that I had forgotten to pack the papers and had no idea where we were supposed to pick the car up.  I knew we were supposed to pick it up tomorrow and that the place was fairly close to our hotel, which was part of the reason we had picked this hotel.

That was something to worry about tomorrow though and we fell into bed exhausted by 8:30 pm.

Amsterdam Hotel
Amsterdam Hotel

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