European Vacation – Amsterdam – Day 3

We started off with another wonderful breakfast at our hotel, before heading off on a tour of the city.  We had seen bits and pieces on the other days, but wanted to see more.

It turned out to be a 3 hour tour and it included some on a bus and some on a boat and it ended with a tour of a diamond factory.   We were kind of hoping that they would take us by our hotel, because we had noticed several tours stopping while the passengers took pictures, but I guess there are several tour companies and this one did not stop here.

If anyone reading this happens to know the history of Hotel Brouwer on Single Street, I’d love to hear it.  I did a search on it and found out that it is very old (I knew that) and is a family business – but there must be another reason it was being pointed out in tours – maybe it was the oldest family run business.

We enjoyed the tour, which included the red light district.  There was a lot more than just the one little red light behind our hotel.

After the tour and a lunch, we headed to an open market nearby.  I bought a pair of wooden shoes at one of the shops.  I kept those shoes for many years and I even wore them around the neighbourhood sometimes.  They were actually very comfortable.  One of my dogs  chewed them several years ago though and I had to throw them away.  I should have just bought a mini pair to keep as a decoration and they would have been up too high for the dog to reach.

Amsterdam Bridges
Amsterdam Bridges

This looks very similar to our canal – but I have no idea if it is or not.  We had left our car parked along in a similar manner to the way the cars are parked on the other side of this bridge and you can see the next 2 bridges further along.

Tomorrow we leave for Germany.

Edited to add that Susan Kramer (one of my friends from my years of writing for Bella Online) sent a good link for the Hotel Brouwer, where the history is included as part of the information.  Check it out.

Mention is made of the book “Europe on $5. a Day” and I remember that is where I found the info on the hotel to book it from home before leaving.  We didn’t have computers back then, so I must have written to them – I don’t imagine I would have phoned.  I guess that is how I booked the car too – but really don’t remember those details.  I do remember having that book with us though.