European Vacation – Amsterdam to Hamburg

Today was the day to start traveling and use the car we had rented, but before leaving we decided to visit Anne Frank’s house.  It was only about 3 blocks from our hotel.  So after our breakfast, we loaded the car and walked over to see it.  I didn’t take any pictures and I don’t remember if pictures were allowed or not – or if I just didn’t take them for some other reason, but I do have a couple of postcards.

In my diary, it says we traveled 320 km to reach Hamburg that day.  Once out of the city of Amsterdam we saw some of the famous Dutch windmills and stopped to visit one.  I didn’t say anything about it in my diary and don’t remember back that far to know what we saw though.  Sometimes, reading a sentence in the diary brings a whole bunch of memories back and sometimes it doesn’t.

I mentioned that we saw hundreds of swans along the highway in Holland at one point and I remember seeing them.  I think we stopped but I have no pictures.  I may have taken a video of them.

We made our first border crossing into another country when we entered Germany and all we had to do was show our passports and we were on our way.  Very simple and friendly.

There were no speed limits on the highways we traveled on in Germany and some people were really moving.  At one point we were going 140 km and were still being passed by other vehicles.  I didn’t mention it in my diary, so don’t know if this is where the highway had 3 lanes – one for each direction and the middle one for passing – no matter which direction you were going.  I found that very scary.  I know we ended up back in Germany later on and that may be the time we were on the 3 lane highway.  I (and you) will find that out as we continue.

We planned on camping and using our tent, but although we saw lots of camping spots early in the afternoon, there were none to be found when we were ready to stop for the day. We ended up in a hotel for the night.  We weren’t staying in Germany so would be heading for Denmark first thing in the morning.


I don’t know if this is the windmill we stopped at or not.  One thing I will do on my African vacation is make note of the pictures and where they were taken with more detail than I did this time.  I also took some movies of this trip, which are now on old VCR tapes.  They are not the best quality due to the age of them, but I might check into the cost of having them made digital so I can upload it to You Tube.