European Vacation – Denmark

We had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel in Hamburg before leaving, but found out after eating that it was not included in the price of the room here.  Lesson learned – ask – don’t assume.

I have no idea where we were planning on going this day, but it seems we missed a turn and decided to change our plans.  🙂  We took a ferry into Denmark and landed there on a holiday.   I don’t know what the holiday was – but this was June 5, 1975.  If you know, maybe you can let me know.  🙂  Apparently we only traveled 150 km this day – although that wouldn’t count the ferry ride, since it would not register on the car’s odometer.

We did not have any Danish money (this was obviously before the Euro) and with everything closed, we had trouble finding a place to get money.  Finally a young man at a gas station  exchanged some for us.  We were in a town/city named Rodby in Denmark and they had a campground.

We decided that this would be a good day to try out our camping skills.  It is pretty funny now, but it seems I was the only one of the 3 of us who had ever camped before and I never really had anything to do with putting the tent up.  Sometimes I got to pound the stakes into the ground.  🙂  It took us over an hour to get our tent up.  The job was complicated a bit by the fact that there were too many poles and not enough stakes.

When we finally got the tent up we headed out to get something to eat.  Luckily it was still standing when we returned and it stayed up the whole night also.

I did not take any pictures of Hamburg, Rodby or anything in between today – but I have a picture of our car – Libby, the Opel Kadett.  Karen is sitting in the back seat and Alvina is in the front passenger seat.  I am standing outside the car with the camera.  🙂

Libby, the Opel Kadett
Libby, the Opel Kadett