European Vacation – Copenhagen

We had a pretty chilly night in our tent  at Rodby – but the tent stayed up and we headed to a pastry shop for our breakfast in the morning.  Although we are camping, we do not have any pots or pans, so our meals will still be eaten out.

After packing up the tent, we headed for  Copenhagen and it looks like it was about 140 km.  For some reason, Copenhagen must have really confused us, since it seems we were lost several times that day and were constantly stopping for directions.  We stopped at 2 gas stations for help before we finally got to the tourist office.  They gave us directions to a campground, but again we had to stop for more directions before we found it.

I hope I will find out more about our maps as I read the diary.  I am sure we must have had some maps, but maybe nothing showing the cities.  I have been known to get off the track sometimes, but this seems excessive.  🙂

We did much better at getting the tent up this time, although for some reason, I seemed surprised that we still had too many poles and not enough stakes.  🙂   Not sure why I thought that would have changed from the night before.  We had a view of the ocean from our tent and planned on staying there for a couple of nights.

I complained about a sauce that was over my meal that night.  I don’t know what the meal was other than it would have been good without the sauce apparently.  I did not complain to the restaurant – just in my diary.  🙂

Here is a picture of Karen and Alvena in front of our tent at Copenhagen and you can see Libby parked behind.  I wonder if everyone who rented a car and a tent, got them in matching colours.

Karen and Alvena at Tent
Karen and Alvena at Tent