European Vacation – Copenhagen – Day 2

Last night had been nice and warm for sleeping and we all had a great sleep.  The campground was very quiet as well.  Today, we were set to do some exploring and just take it easy.

I went for a walk along the shoreline/beach on my own this morning.  I was a little surprised and embarrassed to see 2 older men sunning themselves in the nude and returned back to the tent and the others a little earlier than I had planned.

We headed into town and amazingly enough managed to find our way without getting lost.  🙂  We spent some time wandering around the stores and we bought blankets for ourselves to be prepared for any more cold nights.  We  enjoyed watching a Danish festival in town square with lots of singing and dancing.

After lunch we headed back to our tent where we planned on laying in the sun.  We noticed 3 men at a nearby tent, who had also noticed us.  They were looking our way and talking to each other.  I guess we were doing the same thing though – looking at them and talking to each other.   After awhile we headed off to get some laundry done, have showers and then get some dinner.

When we got back to the tent the 3 men came over to talk to us.  They all spoke French, with one of them having a little bit of knowledge of  English.  I had a little bit of knowledge of French, so between the 2 of us, we translated for the other 4 and had an enjoyable evening.  They asked if they could cook our lunch for us tomorrow and we agreed (who wouldn’t).

The young men were Andre, Edgar and Pierre and I had to take their picture.

Andre Edgar Pierre
Andre, Edgar, Pierre