European Vacation – Copenhagen – Day 3

This morning we have a tour of Copenhagen booked – some by bus and some by boat.  In my diary, I said that it was a disappointing tour compared to the one we had in Amsterdam – but I don’t remember much about either one.  I think we saw the little mermaid statue and I do have a picture of it, but don’t know if it was taken on the tour or afterwards.  Maybe we were just excited about the boys cooking lunch for us after we got back, so we were thinking of other things.

As soon as we returned to our tent, Andre, Edgar and Pierre came over as promised with their food, pots, pans and accessories and they began cooking for us.  I wouldn’t mind eating like this every day!  They prepared a 4 course meal that was delicious, but I did not indicate what was in any of the courses – other than the fact that wine was included.

After lunch, the 6 of us headed for Tivoli, which must be an amusement park.  There were rides and gambling places there.  We went on some rides, but I thought they were too tame.  I do have to admit that I love rides and really enjoy the fast ones – but I don’t remember anything about these ones.  The poor old memory cells are being stretched to the limit here and are not responding well.

Then we headed over to the little mermaid statue again, since the boys had never seen it.  This is why I don’t know if the picture I took was from the boat or from when we went back later.  I am thinking that I may have been taking videos on the boat, so this picture was taken from the ground if that is the case.

Little Mermaid
Little Mermaid

After visiting the statue, we all went back to the campground where we sat around and talked, with Andre and I doing the translating for everyone again.   We were all enjoying the conversation.  The boys then went out to get something to eat.  Karen, Alvena and I were not hungry.  I guess we ate too much and they were too busy making sure we were fed that they didn’t eat enough for lunch.

When they returned, we headed out to a night club for some dancing.    Conversation was impossible with the loud music though, as it was tough enough to try to understand each other when it was quiet, but we had a lot of fun.  We fell asleep quickly once we got back to our tent after that.