European Vacation – Copenhagen to Stockholm

June 9 – 10, 1975

This morning we woke up early because we had some driving to do.  We had coffee with the guys after getting the car packed up and then we were off.

My diary says we traveled 405 km this day and that the countryside was very beautiful.  The houses, yards and fields were very picturesque.

We set up our tent in a campground that I said was the most modern of the ones we had stayed at so far.  I am thinking that it might be the showers – maybe hot water?  Otherwise, I’m not sure what I meant by modern.  I also said there was no privacy, so I guess that means no trees between the camping spots.  I don’t there there were many trees at the one in Copenhagen either, but I don’t know otherwise, what I meant by privacy.  Maybe the spots are too close together.

I complained about always being thirsty because the food seemed to be very salty here.

It seems I didn’t take any pictures that day and didn’t have much to say, so we will cover the next day in Stockholm here as well.

We had trouble with the tent over night.  The ground must have been harder than where we had been before and we could not get the stakes to stay in the ground.  Someone nearby brought over a hammer and helped us get the pegs in better.

The next morning we headed into town to take a tour of Stockholm.  This tour also had some bus and some boat parts, but we all thought that the tour guides didn’t really seem interested in telling us about the city.

After the tour we went back to our campground and then walked to a shopping center nearby.  The only thing I mentioned buying was a hammer so we wouldn’t have a problem with the pegs again.

It doesn’t look like I took any pictures this day either, but tomorrow we are heading to Norway so I grabbed a picture in advance.  This is me up on a lookout on the border of Sweden and Norway.

Sweden Norway Border
Sweden Norway Border

This looks like a nice secure place to get a good view!  I have some pictures that were probably taken from up there to show tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “European Vacation – Copenhagen to Stockholm

  1. Just to say I am enjoying your ‘travel tales’ of days gone by and look forward to the next part of the adventure. Nice to have your diaries to remember those days but it seems we don’t put much detail in.


    1. Thanks Mary. I’m enjoying this too and am not reading much in advance of posting each day. I have to admit that I filled each page in the diary – but should have had a larger one with larger pages and I might have put in more details.


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