European Vacation – Hanover to Konigswinter

We didn’t sleep well at Hanover as the beds were just not comfortable.  We all thought it might have been better to have been in our sleeping bags in the tent.  The breakfast that was included in the price for the room was great though.  We took some of the bread with us to have for lunch on the road.  Unfortunately, we could not find a store to get cheese or meat to go with the bread though, so again we stopped at a restaurant for lunch.

Our money was dwindling at this point after several nights in a hotel instead of the campground as well as the restaurant meals for our lunches.  We drove through another day of rain though, and putting a tent up in the rain was simply not something we were prepared to do – so we found a place to stay in Konigswinter in Germany for this night.  Breakfast is included again, so we can eat at least one more big meal.  🙂

The rain was really pouring down and while looking out our window we watched the place nest door having to pump water out of the basement.  I sure hope the rain stops soon.

The car is making some strange noises, but our next stop is Heidleberg where we plan on spending a couple of nights, so we will take it in for service there.

I know I’m ahead of the game with pictures here, but this one was taken in Heidleberg, showing the tops of buildings in the town.  I suspect I took it from the window of a castle that we toured.  I may have more details when we reach Heidleberg.  🙂

Heidleberg View
Heidleberg View

Today is June 15, 1975 and we traveled 200 km.