European Vacation Konigswinter to Heidleberg

Our breakfast at Konigswinter before leaving was bread and cheese.  That has been our lunches on the days that we have managed to pick up bread and cheese or meats to go along with it and the plan was that we would be using the bread from yesterday along with some cheese for today’s lunch.

This is the drive where the castle pictures came from.  We drove along the Rhein River and the number of castles and ruins along the river was amazing.  Instead of driving the speed limit, we drove about 1/2 and drove the residents (who are used to this scenery) crazy.

We got our cheese and stopped for lunch at a park across the road from the river and where we could look at yet another castle.

Since Heidleberg is where we planned on taking the car in for service we decided to stay at a pension right in town instead of camping out of town.  We found a big old building that was close to many stores and restaurants and checked in for 2 nights.  We immediately found out that tomorrow was a holiday, so added another night to our stay.  Not knowing how long the service would take, we didn’t want to leave the city late in the day.

The pension was run by a very sweet lady.  It doesn’t look like I got her name, but I remember how she worried about us 3 girls on our own and greeted us as we returned each day while we were there.  Our room was on the 4th floor and it was a very large and beautiful room.  It was a cloudy day, but we did see a bit of the sun and at least no rain today.

Castle Ruins Heidleberg
Castle Ruins Heidleberg

This was June 16, 1975 and we traveled 150 km today.

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