European Vacation – Heidleberg to Bern

As we were checking out from the pension in Heidleberg, we all got hugs along with tears from the sweet lady who owned it.  She was wishing us a good holiday and cursing the rain clouds.  She was such a lovely lady and it was wonderful to have met her.

When we crossed the border into Switzerland, we had to show our passports for the first time in ages.  We decided that made us feel so wanted.  🙂

It was still raining, but driving in Switzerland was beautiful – even in the rain. We hadn’t reached any mountains yet, but the rolling hills with fields filled with cattle and sheep and with houses scattered along the way was very picturesque.

We drove through a lot of tunnels today.  It seemed as if every 2nd hill had a tunnel through it.  I can’t remember if we drove over or around the hills in between the tunnels and did not mention that.

At one point during the day, I ate my first Swiss Chocolate bar.  🙂  You may know this already, but I have a chocolate addiction (along with an  Africam addiction and a popcorn addiction).  Back in 1975, we didn’t see real Swiss chocolate in our stores here – or any European chocolate at all for that matter.

Due to the rain, we again checked into a hotel once we reached Bern.

I don’t imagine this picture was taken on this day, since the sky is pretty much cloudless – but it was taken somewhere in Switzerland, so I’m hoping that means we did see some sun.

Switzerland Hills
Switzerland Hills

Today was June 19th and we traveled 260 km.