European Vacation Gostling to Vienna

We were awakened nice and early this morning by some cattle just outside our window – so we had breakfast and headed for Vienna.  I’m surprised I don’t have any pictures of the cattle.

We left the mountains behind, but the countryside was beautiful.  We didn’t have far to go, but it doesn’t look like we stopped to take any pictures.

Just outside Vienna, we stopped at a tourist information stand and met some people from Shilo (which isn’t far from Winnipeg).  A camping spot was nearby, so we checked in, put the tent up and then headed for town.

I have no idea what we did in town or how long we were there, but when we returned to the camp (in the pouring rain), the place was completely full – and cars kept driving in and around looking for a spot.  It was very crowded with tents put almost on top of each other. We were surprised they kept letting more come in when it was so crowded already, but they kept coming.

Way back to when we first started planning this trip, I had thought about buying a VW camper bus instead of renting the car and tent.  I remember thinking that if I had done that, we would have lost our spot when we went to town that day.  It was the price of shipping the camper back home again that made me look at rental instead of buying.  Travel by train was convenient and inexpensive – but we liked the option of doing our own thing without schedules and none of us wanted to do our traveling while wearing backpacks.  Of course, we probably wouldn’t have been lost quite as much as we were if we hadn’t been driving.  🙂

Since I have no pictures from today, here is a postcard from Vienna


Today is June 23, 1975 and we traveled 94 km