European Vacation – Vienna – Day 2

This morning we were awakened early by the sound of hundreds of tents being taken down and packed up.  By the looks of things when we poked our heads out of our tent, we may be the only ones staying here another night.

We booked a tour of the city of Vienna and the bus came right to the campground to pick us up.   We had a great tour with a very knowledgeable tour guide, who knew everything about Vienna.  One of our stops was for a tour of Schonbrunn Castle, where we stayed for about an hour.  The grounds were gorgeous and the rooms were absolutely amazing.  It seems we also stopped at Belvedere Palace, but I have written nothing other than we walked around there.  I did take a picture that is labeled Belvedere Palace – not sure why I have nothing from Schonbrunn Castle though.

The tour bus took us back to the campground again and we watched for awhile as the campers began piling in for the night.   Then I walked over the the office to get information on seeing the Lipizzaner Stallions.  Instead of answering me, the guy started chasing me around his office.    He was acting pretty strange and scared me a bit, so I got out the door as soon as I could.  His parting words were that he would be over to our tent later on.

It started raining soon after that and luckily, he didn’t come over.   The campground had filled up even more while I was gone and I’m sure the tents were even closer together tonight than they were last night.  We talked a bit to some of the people in the nearby tents, and I’m sure they would have come over to help if this guy had come out to bother us.

Belvedere Palace
Belvedere Palace

I don’t know who the man is and what he is doing in my picture  🙂

Today was June 24, 1975.