Aphrodite – Day 2

We didn’t get to bed until 2:00 am, and breakfast time came very early.  I don’t remember if they gave a wake up call or how we knew we had to get up if we wanted to eat.  We had to pay for breakfast – but it was ‘all you could eat’ for just $1.00 – so we couldn’t complain about that.

Everyone is so friendly.  🙂  We met a German couple at breakfast and we ran into them several times during the day and exchanged greetings each time.  We met a Greek (John) during lifeboat drill and he introduced us to his sister and cousin and again, we met them all several times during the day.  This is not a huge ship, so the chances of seeing people we have talked to is very good.

We also met some of the staff – engineers, Greg and Minos – a cook, Spiros – a singing waiter, Manuel – and an electrician, Socraties.  Greg promised to give us a tour of the engine room at midnight.  He got into trouble with the captain for talking to us so we all went down to his little room for drinks before the tour.

It was really hot and really noisy and really dirty in the engine room – but it was interesting and I enjoyed it.  I don’t think Karen and Alvena enjoyed it as much as I did though.  I wrote that they were upset.

I have a couple of pictures taken of us while on the Aphrodite.  The one with the 3 of us may be the only picture with all of us in it.  I might find another as I go through the pics – but I think this is the only one.

Karen  -  Mavis  -  Alvena
Karen - Mavis - Alvena
Greg, Mavis, Manuel, Karen
Greg, Mavis, Manuel, Karen

This picture isn’t really very good.  The sky is too light in the background, so we all ended up too dark.  I darkened the background a bit and that helps, but still isn’t a good picture.  But Greg and Manuel are in it with Karen and I – so I’m putting it up anyway.  🙂

I sure don’t miss the days of film cameras.  You could only get so many pictures on a roll of film (usually 36) and then you had to change the film to take more.  You didn’t want to waste pics, so would usually only take 1 shot of anything and hoped it would turn out.  Of course, you wouldn’t know if it turned out or not until you got your film back from processing.

Today is Sunday June 29th and tomorrow we will be in Athens.