European Vacation – Laredo – Day 4

We didn’t have anything other than the bull fight planned for today, so we took it easy in our room and read our books until noon.  We had picked out a restaurant nearby that we had not been to yet and went there for lunch. We had an adorable waiter, whose only knowledge of English… Continue reading European Vacation – Laredo – Day 4

European Vacation – Laredo – Day 3

We had breakfast in the hotel this morning and then headed for a souvenir shop that we had seen just down the highway.  It was a huge store and it took over an hour just to see everything. I bought a bull.  It was made of paper mache and had a black fur-like covering, which… Continue reading European Vacation – Laredo – Day 3

European Vacation – Laredo – Day 2

We headed over to Santander this morning to find out about the bull fights.  We found information without any trouble and then headed to the place where tickets can be bought.  That was very easy to find because of the line up of people.  We stood there for 1 1/2 hours before we reached the… Continue reading European Vacation – Laredo – Day 2

European Vacation – Burgos to Laredo

We had a wonderful sleep last night and even slept in because it was so quiet and peaceful.  We then slowly started towards the beaches – but were feeling depressed because the sun was now refusing to show itself.  It won’t be much fun on the beach without the sun. We had decided that we… Continue reading European Vacation – Burgos to Laredo

Chester and Stuff

We’ve had to increase Chester’s meds after 2 quick seizures again.  He had a seizure on February 18th (3 weeks after the one before) and then again on February 22nd (just 4 days later).  So, on the 23rd he was back at the vet’s office for more blood tests. Without waiting for the doctor to… Continue reading Chester and Stuff

European Vacation – Ciudad Ridrigo to Burgos

Either this is normally a very lively town – or it is a holiday here because this place was hopping all night long and we didn’t get much sleep.  I guess having a bar downstairs maybe didn’t help.  We had breakfast in the bar and then packed up to head out.  We didn’t have any… Continue reading European Vacation – Ciudad Ridrigo to Burgos

European Vacation – Lisbon to Ciudad Ridrigo

We got up early this morning to head back to Spain. We had one stop we wanted to make in Portugal and we started off for Fatima.  The roads we traveled on today were in horrible shape – the worst we had seen since coming to Europe.  Again we were seeing red painted swastikas on… Continue reading European Vacation – Lisbon to Ciudad Ridrigo