European Vacation – Athens to Aphrodite

After breakfast we checked out of our hotel and had some time to kill before we could board the Aphrodite.  We were sure glad we left most of our stuff back in the car, so only had our duffel bags to carry.

We wandered around a park close to Constitution Square and sat down on a bench, where we received a few groups of young men making offers for some fun.  🙂   As I mentioned before, the Greek men are certainly charming and we enjoyed the attention, and the afternoon went by quickly.

We watched a peacock eating the flowers in the park as he walked by us.

We then headed over to the docks, but still had to wait around for a couple of hours before we could board.  We talked to the ship’s oiler guy for awhile.  We had met him on our midnight tour on the way here.

When we finally boarded and got to our room, we found out that we have a room mate for this part of the trip.  She does not speak English and  was sleeping when we boarded at 6:00 pm.  We obviously woke her up, but since we hadn’t expected to find anyone in our room, we had been talking and laughing when we opened the door, and we automatically turned the light on.  We put our stuff down, turned the light back off and left her there.

The singing waiter Manuel was happy to see us and gave us free drinks.  It was good to be back.  🙂  We didn’t see the other guys today though.

There was a pajama party tonight, but we decided not to go.   My pajamas are used for sleeping in and when I put them on that night, I went to sleep.  Our room mate was gone when we went back to the room and her suitcase was gone also – but she had other stuff still there.

We all noticed that an entrance to the engine room was right outside our door this trip.  🙂  I think one tour was enough though.

It was wonderful to have air conditioning for sleeping tonight.

It doesn’t look like I took any pictures on the Aphrodite this time.  😦  Today, I’ll just put one up that I have labeled Roman Forum.  I suspect this was taken in Rome, which will be our destination after we land.  I hope I don’t run out of Rome pictures before we leave Rome.  🙂

Roman Forum
Roman Forum

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