European Vacation – Aphrodite to Rieta

We woke up this morning on a very rocky boat.  We managed to eat breakfast, but almost wished we hadn’t as the rocking continued.

We found out that Manuel was moved to the fancy dining room which we are not allowed in.  Greg continued to make signals to us and Pablo brought us drinks just before we docked at 1:00 pm.

We said our good-byes and headed to the garage to pick up Libby.  The garage owner was out having lunch and we had to wait 1 1/2 hours before we could get her and continue on our way.  He apologized when he returned and charged us less than we had agreed on – so we forgave him and headed for Rome.

The clouds returned as we drove.  We continue to marvel at the beautiful countryside as we drive.

It seems that a lot of people have mules for carrying loads and they are often on the road with them.

The drivers go around curves in the road on the wrong side, so it didn’t take me long to learn to honk the horn when approaching a curve.  Car horns are used a lot in Italy.

It is wet, so we got a beautiful hotel room with a bath form only $3.00 each when we arrived at Rieta.

My pictures are obviously out of order  😦

The first one is labeled Athens and I think this is the park where we hung around after checking out of the hotel and waiting for the Aphrodite.

The second one is labeled Greece.  I don’t know if this picture was taken on the tour around Athens or somewhere else in Greece.

Thanks to Heidi who writes Home In Greece here  here on Word Press  for identifying the first picture.  “Your first photo is from the National Gardens in the center of Athens.  The park was established by an early queen of Greece, Amalia.  You can read more about it here.”


Heidi also says “your second photo can’t be from Athens because Athens is pretty far from the coast.” –

So I’m thinking it may have been taken during the 2nd tour where we were along the water somewhere (since I went wading), or it could have been taken on the way to or from the docks.  Thank you so much Heidi.  🙂


Today is Saturday July 5, 1975 and we traveled 760 km.  (I assume the entire Aphrodite ride plus what we drove).

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