European Vacation – Rome – Day 1

Our hotel in Rieta did not serve breakfast, so we packed up and left thinking we would find a nearby restaurant.  We didn’t find one and before we knew it we were in Rome and we were lost.  I’m not really sure how we could be lost when we didn’t know where we were going in the first place though.  🙂

We tried following camping signs, but for some reason kept missing turns or turning where we shouldn’t have.  We finally decided to stop where there were lots of people and places to park, in the hope that we could find someone who would give us directions to a campground.  We ended up 2 blocks from the train station and there was a tourist information booth there.

We picked up a map and got directions before grabbing a sandwich at a nearby shop and then we headed for the campground.  We found the place without a problem (amazing how a map can help with that) and set up our tent in the largest campground we have been at yet.

I didn’t mention anything about it, but I’m surprised we didn’t complain about the tent being smelly.  We packed it up in wet on June 28th and it sat in the trunk of the car while we went to Greece.  This is the first time it was opened since then, so I can’t imagine that it didn’t smell.  Maybe we didn’t go in the tent right away – just set it up and did something else while it dried out in the sun.

It wasn’t the nicest campground we had stayed in, but we found out that could take a bus back to town and leave the car parked there while we were in Rome.  I didn’t like driving in Rome and mentioned that the drivers are crazy here.  The roads have lines marked, but it seemed that no one drove between them.  If the road was marked for 2 lanes, they would manage to make 3 lanes.

I don’t see any pictures that I took today, so we’ll start Rome off with a postcard of the Colosseum.


Today is Sunday July 6, 1975 and we traveled 45 km.