European Vacation – Forte Dei Marmi to Nice

Everything was quite damp and foggy this morning as we packed up and got ready to head into France.  For breakfast, we ordered toast and received toasted ham and cheese sandwiches.  It was good.

We started out on a winding mountain road, but after a couple of hours both Alvena and Karen were hanging out the windows begging me to stop.  I guess its different for the driver who has control of the steering wheel, but I was loving that drive.  We stopped for about a 1/2 hour before continuing, and headed for the freeway for some straight and faster travel after that.

We forgot to get gas before noon again and had an almost empty tank when the stations opened up at 3:30 pm, but we used the coupons up exactly before leaving Italy.

We had to show our passports 4 times while crossing the border into France and the last guy asked me to go dancing with him.  That seemed to be pretty much the only word he knew in English though.  Since we didn’t know where we were going to end up that night, I had to refuse, but I did note that I was sorry to have to do that, since he was kind of cute.  🙂

We ended up at a little old hotel, midway between Monaco and Nice and no one here speaks English (as we often found in little towns and the countryside).  We have a beautiful view of the sea from here.

For supper tonight, we got warm wine with our meal, so we asked for ice cubes and cooled it off.   I don’t know what we ate, but I do know we had wine.  🙂

The picture today is the view from our hotel.

view from hotel by Nice
view from hotel by Nice

I’m not sure – but that might be the palace at Monaco in the mid left of the picture.  I didn’t mention it in my diary – so probably not, but I’m still not sure.

I’d love to go back and take this picture with one of my present day cameras.

Today was Thursday July 10th and we traveled 240 km.