European Vacation – Nice to Coursan

Although I hadn’t mentioning having any friends at our hotel in Nice, I started the day of by saying that we said good-bye to our friends there.  Now I have to dig back into the ole memory banks and see if I can remember who we might have talked to there.  I’m not apt to actually remember this though.  🙂

We got off to a bad start because there was a parade that morning and we were detoured through Nice the wrong way to get out of town.  I don’t know what the parade was about, but maybe this was a holiday of some kind there.  I mentioned lots of traffic jams once we made it out of town with tons of vehicles heading back the way we had come.  We thought at the time that everyone was heading for the beach, but with the parade starting the day off, there may have been another reason.

We decided to get of the road we were on and onto the freeway so we could cover some distance.  We had to pay tolls 3 times to pay for the extra speed.

All the campgrounds were packed along the way and none of them had any trees for shade.  We were beginning to think we would have to check into a hotel, when we finally found one that wasn’t too bad.  We weren’t impressed with the toilets though, as they were just holes in the floor.

We are still not used to the very long dinners we have here.  We are eating later than we would like to and service is very slow.  I know now, that meals in Europe are meant to be enjoyed without rushing.  The expensive restaurants here in Canada take time also (although not this much time)  but most other restaurants here are very quick.  It took us 2 1/2 hours to eat our dinner tonight.  I am sure the waiters and waitresses wondered what our rush was.

This is just a one night stop.  Tomorrow we are heading for Spain.

Today is Sunday July 13th, 1975 and we traveled 290 km

I don’t have any pictures today, but I took this picture of Chester a couple of days ago.  I had the camera almost on the ground looking up at him.  🙂

Chester Feb 13
Chester Feb 13