European Vacation – Barcelona to Madrid

After a nice cool night in an air conditioned room, we loaded up the car and were just about ready to leave when a guy came rushing out of the hotel and washed all our windows for us.

It was already hot we were really feeling the heat – maybe it was worse after an air conditioned night.  We amused ourselves by smiling and waving at anyone who looked at us – and there were lots who did.  🙂

We had a couple of guys waving back as us as we drove and would take turns passing each other as we went.  When they sped up and got ahead of us we forgot about them, but continued to wave at others.  This made us forget about how thirsty we were already.

As we passed a bar, a couple of guys were waving us over, but it wasn’t until we had gone by them by a few miles that we realized it was the guys from earlier.  We thought about going back, but figured it was too late by then.

We checked into a campground at Madrid and before even putting up the tent we bought a 3 liter jug of orange juice.  We emptied that and then refilled it with water twice before we had quenched our thirsts.  We kept the jug so we could fill it and have it for our drives each day.

We had just crawled into our sleeping bags when some guys came knocking on our tent.  They wanted us to join them for some singing.  It was too hot to sleep anyway, so we decided to go.  There were 3 Mexicans – Alejandro and 2 Michelangelos, plus 2 Danes – Piers and Hiendricks.

We had fun and agreed to meet the Mexicans in Toledo tomorrow.

I have a postcard from the Toledo campgrounds.  Again, I took no pictures today.

Toledo Camp Ground
Toledo Camp Ground

Today was Tuesday, July 15th, 1975 and we traveled 360 km.