European Vacation – Madrid to Toledo

This morning we packed up and headed for Toledo, which wasn’t far at all.  We got the tent set up and headed into town for some sightseeing .

I’m sure we drove the traffic cop in town crazy (especially since we were driving ourselves crazy too).  We kept going in circles and often the wrong direction, but he was still smiling the last time we saw him.

We had dinner in town (partridge and sangria) and then headed back to our tent.  The guys had (amazingly enough) set their tent up right beside ours.  🙂

There was a place called The Cave right in the campground and that is where we went with them to watch flamenco dancing (while drinking more sangria).  We had a lot of fun.  The dancing was wonderful – it was the first time I had seen flamenco – the sangria was delicious – and the company was great.

We finally went back to our tents around 3:00 am.  We promised to wake the guys up before leaving in the morning.

In our wanderings around Toledo, we found this man and his donkey and took a picture of them.  I almost wanted to buy one of his products, but packing any of them would have been difficult for the return trip home.  He very nicely posed for us though.  🙂


Today was Wednesday, July 16, 1975 and we traveled 40 km.