European Vacation – Lisbon – Day 2

Sometime during the night, the alarm was shut off – or we somehow managed to not set it, even though we thought we set it – or we all slept through it.  So – we got off to a late start to get the car in for servicing.

The garage listed in the book that was nearby turned out to be just for electrical work, but one of the guys there offered to drive us to the right place.  One the way there, Libby got a scratch.  It was actually scary sitting in the front seat with this guy.  I could see when we were stopped at a light that there were 3 lanes on our side of the street and only 2 lanes by the time we would get across.  We were in the middle lane and the guy in the right side of us scraped against us.   Neither driver stopped, but once we got to the garage, we got out to take a look and the scratch went about 3 feet along the side.

Unfortunately, that garage was closed, so he then drove us back (safely) to the first garage.  Another guy from the first garage then took us to a third one – that was luckily open and took Libby in for service.  We wandered around a few stores near this garage while waiting for Libby.  In one of the stores we found the album by Demis  Roussos – Good-bye My Love, Good-bye and we all bought one.  🙂

We had pizza for lunch and then went to pick Libby up and head back to the hotel.

I don’t say what we did for the afternoon, but I think we just lay around the hotel room.  I remember looking out the window at all the cars going by with the red flags with swastikas flying out the windows and the horns honking.  We could also see some of the defaced statues from our window too.  It would have been great for taking pictures, but this all made me very uneasy and I didn’t take any.

I might have taken a video though – will have to look. I anyone knows what I need to turn this video from a VCR tape into digital, I would appreciate it.

We booked a tour for tomorrow.

We ordered room service for dinner.  I have no idea what we ate, but we were sure impressed by the service.  🙂  It reminded us of the great service we had back at home on the Aphrodite.  🙂

Today was Friday, July 18, 1975 and I have now taken a couple of pictures from my old video of some of the cars and their flags.  They aren’t great since they were taken off the tv, but they show what we saw.

Lisbon Cars and Flags
Lisbon Cars and Flags
Lisbon Cars and Flags
Lisbon Cars and Flags