European Vacation – Lisbon – Day 3

This morning we walked over to the bull fighting stadium to find out the schedule.  If there was going to be a fight in the next few days, we will stay to go to it. – but we found out that we just missed one and there won’t be another one until Thursday.  We also found out that the bulls were not killed – which is what we were hoping.  A matador who does kill his bull by accident could be jailed.

While there we found out a little about the situation here in Portugal when we talked to some Americans.  There is a revolution going on.  That explained why we had so much difficulty getting through the border and also the horn honking, flag waving and swastikas painted on the monuments.

We had a tour booked this afternoon, and decided that we would leave in the morning.

There were only 10 people on the tour but it was a good tour.  We went through a tropical garden, a coach museum and a monastery.  Our guide was very friendly and helpful.  We were dropped off at a gift shop afterwards and were given a glass of wine to drink while browsing.

After the tour we headed back to our room to pack things up and get ready to leave first thing in the morning.  It was scary being there now that we knew there was a revolution.  I hope we don’t have any problems leaving Portugal.

I have a postcard with a few views of Lisbon without any red swastikas painted on them, but again, no pictures of my own from here.


Today was Saturday, July 19th, 1975.