European Vacation – Ciudad Ridrigo to Burgos

Either this is normally a very lively town – or it is a holiday here because this place was hopping all night long and we didn’t get much sleep.  I guess having a bar downstairs maybe didn’t help.  We had breakfast in the bar and then packed up to head out.  We didn’t have any particular destination and were just going to take it easy after the day of driving yesterday with so much tension.

I didn’t mention this in yesterday’s diary, but we must have seen several farmers with donkeys or mules pulling carts or loaded up with things, but today I said that we were hoping to find more when we can stop to take pictures.  We didn’t find any donkeys or mules, but we did find a man with a pair of oxen pulling a cart.  I think we scared him when we stopped the car and all our cameras popped out the window.  He turned off the road just as we started taking pics.  I was using the video camera and didn’t get any still pics, but I took a pic from the video just now – its not great, but better than nothing.

We pulled into a campground just after 4:30 at Burgos and relaxed around the tent until 8:00 pm when we headed into town for dinner.  Now that we’re back in Spain we had sangria with our meal – but I have no idea what the meal was.  A thunderstorm started up while we were eating, so we were sure glad this restaurant had a roof over it.  There were no walls, but it wasn’t cold – just wet.  It is cooler now than it was last week in Spain, and its very pleasant.  🙂

For pictures today, we have a postcard of Burgos and the picture of the man and his oxen that I snapped from my old video.


When I was snapping pics from the video, I also got a couple showing some of the cars in Lisbon driving by with the flags.  If you go back a couple of days to a day in Lisbon, you will see them. The video was also showing all the police nearby – with one standing right across the street from our hotel and others walking by – but I didn’t take pics of those.  When I figure out how to get this video onto a disc, I will upload it to You Tube though.

Today was Monday, July 21, 1975 and we traveled 215 km.