European Vacation – Laredo – Day 3

We had breakfast in the hotel this morning and then headed for a souvenir shop that we had seen just down the highway.  It was a huge store and it took over an hour just to see everything.

I bought a bull.  It was made of paper mache and had a black fur-like covering, which made him very realistic looking.  It was about 2 feet tall.  I may regret having to lug him around once we have to drop the car off – but just couldn’t resist him.  I named him Angel – after one of the matadors who will be at the ring on Friday.

There was a car wash not too far away, so we thought it was time to wash the car.  Three Canadian girls wearing shorts attracted a lot of attention as we stood outside when Libby went through the wash.  No one around could speak English and we couldn’t speak Spanish, but that didn’t stop them from talking to us.

Unfortunately, we noticed that the scratch on Libby really showed up once she was clean.  We decided that we might have to throw mud on her to cover the scratch before we turned her back in.  There was still time to get her dirty before then anyway.

We headed over to  Santander for lunch and then we all phoned home.  It was nice to know that Canada still existed.  🙂

After we got back to our room, I posed with Angel for a picture at our window- so that is what you get today.

Mavis & Angel at Laredo
Mavis & Angel at Laredo

It looks like I’ve spent a little bit of time in the sun.  🙂

Today was Thursday, July 24th, 1975.

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