European Vacation – Laredo to Hendaye

While eating breakfast in the bar this morning, we had 4 young men trying to pick us up.  The bartender was enjoying the exchange, even though he could only understand the guys.  Unfortunately, we could not understand what they were saying (although their actions made it obvious) and they could not understand what we were saying.  They finally realized that we were saying no and they went on their way.  It was a fun way to start the day off.

It was time to pack up and leave Spain and head to France.  We finally got our donkey and wagon picture that we had been hoping for on the drive.

We had to show our passports 3 times when crossing into France, but it was a friendly and easy crossing.  We immediately came across some beautiful beaches and decided we were not going far that day.  We found a camping spot and set up our tent so we could head over to the beach.

Alvena and Karen just wanted to lie in the sun, but I went in for a swim. The sand was nice and soft and the waves were huge, so I was really enjoying the water.  I had to watch out for surfers though. After about an hour, the water was getting close to our blankets so we packed up and headed back to our tent.

Thinking back to Laredo and the beautiful beach there, I’m not sure why we didn’t spend some time on that beach.  I didn’t mention it at all and I didn’t complain about the weather, so it must have been fine.

We ate dinner at our tent that night – just having cheese, crackers and chocolate milk.  Its been quite awhile since we’ve had this to eat.

Our picture today is the man and his donkey that we passed and then stopped to take his picture as he passed us again.

donkey cart
donkey cart

Today is Saturday, July 26, 1975 and we traveled 80 km.